February 27, 2008


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Jeannie BelgraveJeannie BelgraveThank you for stopping by. I have enjoyed animated movies my entire life, from series released on TV to feature animated films projected on the silver screen and released on DVD. Well, I can say, released on VHS tape, jejeje. I´m a little over 30, so yes, more than twenty years ago, my parents had to wait to get the animated movies on tape so I could watch them.
Today, although there are ways to get the animated footage free from places like (you probably know already), I rather get the original package. Now, most of the animated movies come beautifully packed with extras inside worth to collect. I mean, it´s worth it to those who appreciate the hard work of a creative team who were able to put these type of projects together.
I have watched all the titles you´ll see on this blog. I like them all. To give you more than just a cover picture of a movie, I collected information about each one of them highlighting directors, executives, distributors, and one of my favorites, the voice behind the characters.
Under pages, you´ll find more genres, more movies and series I´ve watched and liked.
My favorite movie´scores will be around this blog too.
Your comments and other movies suggestions are more than welcome.